Installing Google Analytics

google analytics

Installing Google Analytics

March 20, 2017 devjdg 2

Curious about who, when and where your web visitors came from? How do they behave while they are using your website? Do you want to know what is the most and least visited page of your website? Let Google Analytics answer that for you.


Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google launched the service in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin. Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet. (src:


Still confused, what is being talked about? Check the image below.

GA Pane

As seen in the image above, it has lot, as in lots of features helping you curating ways on how you can improve delivering service to your clients.


Installation of Google Analytics (New Analytics Account)

1. First you must have a google account, activate your google analytics account using your registered google account email. (sign in here:

2. After signing up, you are asked to choose what app are you about to track (web/mobile). You have to fill up the required fields (eg. Account Name, Website Name, Website URL, read and accept the Terms of Agreement etc) to generate Tracking ID.

GA Register

3. After generating your tracking ID, you will be immediately forwarded to your google analytics property page.

GA Property Pane


4. As shown above, the highlighted UA-101601613-1 is your generated Tracking ID.

5. Now make sure to paste the code snippet (copy from the Website Tracking section of the property page) on any part of the website you want to track. Best practice is to save it on a your-google-analytics.js file, and load it dynamically on all of your web pages. So that in future changes, you just have to edit one script file.


Finishing the Installation

Now that you are finished creating your GA account, generating tracking ID for your website and integrating it on your webpages, you should now be asking yourself, why is GA not receiving any data? No realtime users reports?

Wait for GA to setup and gather all the information of your website behavior within 24-48 hours, then that’s the only time you may be receiving updates from your GA account.

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2 thoughts on “Installing Google Analytics

    1. Nothing will happen with the data being received by GA for as long as the same tracking ID is embedded on your web app.

      Changing Name and URL
      1. Go to Property Settings
      2. Change > Property Name & URL
      3. Click save

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