EnergyFM Revamp


EnergyFM Revamp

June 28, 2017 devjdg 0

EnergyFM Manila 106.7 is a mobile online streaming application of EnergyFM Manila. Listen to your favorite Pangga DJs as the app brings you closer to them. Get the latest radio station news and events, social media updates, watch previous video playlists and more!


It is officially recognized by the radio station as an official mobile radio streaming partner app.


Objectives of this mobile application is to reach solid EnergyFM listeners beyond the frequency’s reach, since it is internet powered, it can be accessed by fellow OFWs wherever they are on the globe.


With it’s lightweight media streaming library, it serves the users a fast and clean radio listening experience.


Sample preview screenshots from the app:

Player Dashboard


DJ’s info


Previously released 2 years ago, now that BIGGER changes came up, including the official contract with Papa Jackson (one of the most well-known Filipino DJs), the CodeExpression team decided to innovate, redesign and share the latest trending updates to the mobile application. It involves the inclusion of Material Design which is very well recommended today by Google and other developers in creating and publishing apps, the fresh user experience and the quality playback of the app itself.


More details on material design here: Google Material Design


Now on its almost 50k peak of downloads, the team decided to focus more on improvements we tend to implement on future updates. Meanwhile, you can download the app on Google Play Store, you may follow this play store link: Energy FM Manila


If you find this application helpful for our friends abroad, do share it!

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