GameJam Friday: Arithmetify

GameJam Friday: Arithmetify

July 29, 2017 devjdg 0

It has been a horrific week for me continuing my projects after becoming part of a gullible public believing that our internet service provider will fix our internet connection within 24-48 hrs.


So I decided not to waste the Friday doing nothing again, instead I tried creating a simple game using Android Studio created with Java programming language for both mobile and wear. Link to the Game: Arithmetify


At first I thought it would be a task that can be done within 3-5 hours, but as I went through developing the game it took me almost 9 hours. Including the production of assets, so far I haven’t added background music yet.


This app has a simple gameplay, you just have to check within a given time whether the equation is valid or not. This aims to develop your fast and accurate arithmetic solving skills alongside improving your eyeball movement in accordance with the coordination of your fingers, mainly your thumbs since it is one of the distinct fingers you will be placing on the screen hotspots.

I attempted to added Google Play Games integration documentation with regards to the leaderboards, achievements and more. Read more:


I went through the development console in which Google Play Services are easily accessed, due to the time constraint and the hefty amount of time I’ve already dealt developing the game, I decided to just rest, sign the APKs and upload the game for beta testing and shoot… write this.


I am not claiming this game is original, but rest assured all source code and assets are done solely by me.


Do not let an interrupted internet connection cripple to lower your productivity, but also don’t forget to report to your respective ISP when you encountered such.


Sample screenshots (mobile)










Sample screenshots (wear)






Looking forward after doing my real projects to integrate more and exciting features to this game.


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